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The Assignment Tool

The MyCourses Assignment Tool allows our students to submit papers, case studies, presentations, speeches, recordings, and videos. 

The Assignment Tool allows students to submit (attach and upload) files such as Word, PowerPoint, and PDF.  It can also be used to allow students to embed video and audio files that they have created or uploaded to their Kaltura My Media account.   The Assignment Tool can include rubrics to help you assess student submissions.  As an alternative to the standard MyCourses rubrics and assignment markup features, Turnitin, integrated with the Assignment Tool, offers plagiarism detection along with Grademark’s rubrics features. 

Create an Assignment

  1. From the course navigation bar, click Assignments. 
  2. Click New Assignment
  3. Give your assignment a title.
  4. Click Ungraded under Grade Out Of to assign points and link the assignment to the Gradebook.
  5. Click Availability Dates & Conditions to add start and end dates, configure release conditions, and manage special access.
  6. Click Submission & Completion to assign a category, submission type and amount, and allowable file extensions
  7. Click Evaluation & Feedback to add a rubric, learning objectives, and Turnitin settings
  8. In the Instructions, enter any necessary instructions. 
  9. Attach files that might be needed for the student to complete the assignment 

Grade an Assignment

Assignment submissions can be graded directly in MyCourses. You can add comments and annotations directly to most submissions. Watch the following tutorial to learn how to grade assignment submissions. 

If you enabled Turnitin, you can grade a submission using the Turnitin Grademark features in MyCourses. 

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to grade an assignment using Turnitin. 

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