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Track Student Completion of Content Modules and Topics

Completion tracking can help instructors determine if a student has viewed a particular content item. 

Each content item/topic can be marked as completed when a student takes a particular action.  There are three basic “actions” that a student can be required to take to mark a content item/topic as complete (or not). 

  • Required: Automatic—Topics will be marked as complete when the student does something in MyCourses, like view a file or post to a discussion. 
  • Required: Manual—Students will see a checkbox next to the topic, which they must manually click to mark the item as complete. 
  • Not Required—No completion tracking will be monitored. 

If you set content items/topics to be automatically marked as completed you’ll need to be aware of what action the student must take to trigger the automatic completion tracking. 

  • Uploaded files are marked complete when a student views them.
  • Documents created in MyCourses (i.e., HTML pages) are marked complete when a student views them. 
  • Discussions are marked complete after a student’s first post. If the discussion assignment requires students to post more than once, select manual completion tracking. 
  • Links are marked complete when a student views them. 
  • Assignment/Submission folders are marked complete after one submission. 
  • Quizzes are marked complete after one attempt is submitted. 
  • Self-assessments are marked complete as soon as they are opened. 
  • Surveys are marked complete when a student submits a response. 

The video below details how to use completion tracking to determine if a student has viewed a content item within a module. 

Additional information on completion tracking is available from D2L’s Instructor Documentation.

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