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Grading a Quiz

Although there are several question types that can be automatically graded, there are some, such as written response that must be manually graded. 

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to manually grade a quiz in MyCourses. 

Note: The Quiz tool has been recently updated. Tutorials will not show the most up-to-date version of the tool. To learn more about the new quiz tool, please check out our Quiz Tool Changes blog post.

Resetting Attempts 

Occasionally, you may find it necessary to reset a student’s quiz attempt for such reasons as a student loses power during a quiz and is unable to complete the quiz in the set duration. 

In cases like this, you may wish to instruct your students on what to do to document that there was a problem (beyond their control) such as: 

  • Immediately opening a Help Desk ticket 
  • Messaging the instructor 

Watch the following tutorial to learn how to reset a quiz attempt in MyCourses. 

If you want to allow students to see their question scores and feedback you may need to modify the submission view now known as the Quiz Results page

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