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Zoom allows instructors to schedule live meetings with students in MyCourses. Benefits of Zoom meetings include: 

  • Instructors can use video, audio, and screen sharing to deliver content to students who can respond using video and audio. 
  • Instructors can record their Zoom meetings for students to review at a later time.  Recordings are automatically available in Kaltura.
  • Scheduled Zoom meetings are automatically added to the MyCourses course calendar.
  • Instructors can setup appointment availability for office hours. Students can select an appointment time based on the instructor’s availability. Appointments are not added to the MyCourses calendar.

Zoom is fully integrated with MyCourses and instructors can add Zoom to a MyCourses course at any time.

Calendar Integration

Our Zoom integration allows meetings scheduled inside MyCourses to be automatically posted to the MyCourses Calendar.

Best Practices

  • Setup your room to mute all sound on entry.
  • Verify participants can hear you and see what you see on the screen.
  • Record your meeting to post later for students who could not attend
  • Check the Chat panel for questions/comments during the session.
  • Close with key points and reminders.

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