What’s New in Fall 2022?

Welcome to the Fall 2022 semester!  Information Technology (IT) has been busy over the summer updating technology around campus.  Take a moment to familiarize yourself with changes you may encounter and some announcements you may have missed.

  1. Status Page
  2. Classroom Technology Support
  3. Shared Computer Image Updates
  4. Updated Software Installation Request Process
  5. Windows Known Folder Synchronization with OneDrive
  6. Instructional Equipment Checkout
  7. Student Laptop Checkout Program
  8. Blackboard Collaborate Decommission
  9. Availability of MyCourses Central Support Resource
  10. New MyCourses Support Team

Status Page

Have questions about whether services such as MyCourses, Grizzly Den/Banner Self Service, or Kaltura are up and running? Check status.ggc.edu.

Classroom Technology Support

The classroom technology support team has reduced staffing.  The classroom technology support number 678-407-5555 (x5555) has been forwarded to the Help Desk.  Help Desk staff will provide basic troubleshooting for classroom technology issues over the phone and enter tickets for issues that cannot be resolved over the phone. Staff from the classroom technology support team will address tickets as quickly as possible.  IT is working to fill positions and increase availability as quickly as possible.

Try these tips if you experience an issue in your classroom:

  1. Restart the lectern computer using the Restart option in the Windows Start Menu.
  2. Power down the classroom audio-visual equipment using the touch screen on the lectern and then turn it on again.

Shared Computer Image Updates

The (shared) computers in lecterns, classrooms, and open labs (e.g. Info Commons) have received new images.  Please arrive a few minutes early to your classroom to allow time for the login process to complete.  This is only necessary the first time you login at each lectern computer.

Updated Software Installation Request Process

In addition to an updated image on (shared) computers.  An updated software installation request form is available.

Windows Known Folders Synchronization with OneDrive

Frequently used folders such as Windows Desktop, Documents and Pictures now automatically synchronize with OneDrive, and you will be able to access these folders whenever you log in to any GGC managed computer.

Instructional Equipment Checkout

New portable document cameras are available for faculty checkout in addition to voicelift devices and portable projectors.  Equipment is subject to availability.

Student Laptop Checkout Program

Students may request a loaner laptop through the Help Desk.  Students no longer need to have faculty initiate the request.  There is a limited inventory of laptops available.

Blackboard Collaborate Decommission

As announced at the end of spring semester, Blackboard Collaborate will be decommissioned in December 2022.  Zoom and Teams are the recommended and supported alternatives.

Availability of MyCourses Central Support Resource

A new resource, MyCourses Central, for learning about MyCourses and the integrated technologies is available for faculty.

New MyCourses Support Team

With the retirement of our long-time MyCourses (Brightspace by D2L) administrator, IT assembled a new support team to help you with MyCourses needs. The fastest, most reliable way to get assistance is to enter a ticket with the Help Desk (helpdesk@ggc.edu). You may also request a consultation if you’d like to meet with someone from the team. The team is also offering webinars on technologies such as MyCourses, Zoom, and Kaltura. Check our calendar for dates and times!

Keep up with MyCourses each month…

For specific details on the monthly updates to MyCourses and integrated technologies be sure to checkout the Academic Technology blog. You’ll see blog posts each month posted as a MyCourses announcement.