Need to transfer a file from your college-owned computer to your home computer or other device? Need to collaborate on a report or presentation with colleagues or students? OneDrive is your solution.

OneDrive is a cloud storage and collaboration solution for your files and is included as a part of Claw Mail as part of the Office365 suite of applications.

File Storage

  • 1 TB of File Storage
    • documents
    • photos
    • music
  • Upload Files via OneDrive App
    • OneDrive app for Mac (20 GB upload per file)
    • OneDrive for Windows app (20 GB upload per file
  • Upload Files using a Web Browser
  • Upload Files using File Explorer or Mac Finder
  • Save Files to OneDrive by Default if you use Windows 10.

File Sharing

  • Share files with anyone at GGC
  • Share files with users outside of GGC via a link


  • Provide collaboration and editing options when sharing files
  • Participate in real-time collaboration and editing of documents