Five Steps for Preparing your MyCourses Classes for Spring 2023

The following five steps can help you prepare your MyCourses class for the start of the semester. 

  1. Find and pin your classes 
    You will need to search for your courses and pin them so that they will be visible each time you log into MyCourses. 
  2. Know when students can FIRST access your classes 
    Be aware of the start date for each semester.  
    You may consider changing the MyCourses start date of your course to be 12:01 a.m. on the first day of the semester.  

    The MyCourses Classlist Tool on your course navigation bar can be used to review who has access to your class. 
  3. Prepare your syllabus, calendar, and gradebook 
    College policy requires that your MyCourses class have a syllabus, calendar, and grade book

    If you taught the class in a previous semester and used MyCourses, you can copy content from a previous semester. 

    Classes could also include: discussions, quizzes, and assignments.

    If you have copied content and activities from a previous semester, you may need to check your dates (due dates, start dates, etc.). 
  4. Prepare communications to welcome students 
    Using the MyCourses Announcement Tool, create an announcement that introduces students to the class, tells them where to go to find their course materials, and don’t be hesitant to create a video to welcome students to the class!  

    Test your class from the student perspective. 
  5. Start teaching 
    Make sure your class is open—check the MyCourses start date

If you need assistance, please submit a help desk request or request a 1-1 consultation.