Kaltura is a media hosting and recording solution that is integrated with MyCourses. Faculty and students are able to host, record, and manage access to media through the Kaltura and MyCourses integration. In MyCourses, from any course, My Media, allows faculty and students to upload, create, view, edit, and publish media.

Alternatively, faculty and staff may publish media that needs a broader viewership through MediaSpace.

Kaltura can be used to upload or host media created in a variety of applications– including hosting recordings generated from Zoom.

For creating/recording media, Kaltura includes

  • a feature for Quick Webcam recordings which does not require any software to be installed,
  • ability to record a screen/application, webcam or other USB cameras, as well as audio via the Kaltura Personal Capture application (requires a download) from your laptop or desktop computer, and
  • options to record class sessions.

Options for Creating/Recording Media

Any Kaltura user (faculty, staff, or students) can use the Quick Webcam and Kaltura Personal Capture option for creating/recording media.

Help with Kaltura