Academic Technology Updates for April 2023

We have new updates for MyCourses, Turnitin, and more! See below for details, and please contact if you encounter any problems or have questions.


ProctorU will transition to the Guardian Browser rather than a browser plug-in on June 1, 2023.

Information Technology (IT) will discontinue Poll Everywhere on July 27, 2023. Please read Poll Everywhere To Be Discontinued for details.


Discussions – Introducing the new creation and editing experience

The new discussion creation experience brings create and edit consistency changes from Assignments and Quizzes to Discussions, making it familiar and easy to learn. This first release is at full parity with classic discussions and brings refreshed workflows and improvements to restricting group topics and threads, associating topics to forums, and wording changes to a few settings that you may be familiar with.

Figure: The new Discussions creation and editing experience.

The primary panel on the left contains the same frequently-used fields as Assignments and Quizzes. These fields are most relevant to learners and are core to discussion topic creation. The right-hand panel provides advanced options such as start and end dates and release conditions. These options follow the same logical groupings as found in Assignments and Quizzes. Other topic-specific settings can be found in the right-hand panel.

Quizzes – Confirmation dialog for learners exiting a quiz

This feature introduces a confirmation dialog to learners closing in-progress quizzes. The dialog is context-based, providing additional information about the impact of exiting the quiz (such as whether a learner will be able to return to their quiz after exiting).

An example of a confirmation dialog box to learners closing in-progress quizzes
Figure: An example of a confirmation dialog displayed to learners closing in-progress quizzes.

Previously there was no dialog or warning to learners who exited a quiz accidentally or on purpose.

Note: The dialog only appears when the learner selects the X [Close this Quiz] for the quiz. Closing the browser window or tab does not display the confirmation dialog.

Figure: The X (Close this Quiz) button appears to a learner attempting a quiz.

The message shown when a student tries to exit a quiz depends on the time limit and end date settings for the quiz. In every scenario after exiting a quiz, learners are directed back to the Quiz Details page.

Figure: The Exit Quiz confirmation dialog for quizzes with no time limit, no end date, or a time limit that expires before the end date.
Figure: The Exit Quiz confirmation dialog for quizzes with a time limit and no end date.
Figure: The Exit Quiz confirmation dialog for quizzes with an end date, no time limit, or an end date that will arrive before the time limit expires.
Figure: The Exit Quiz confirmation dialog for quizzes that have an end date in the past.


AI Writing Detection

AI writing detection is now available with GGC’s Turnitin license. The AI indicator is included in the Turnitin Similarity Report. The AI writing report is only available to instructors.

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Figure: The AI writing indicator button located at the bottom of the Turnitin Similarity Report.

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There are 3 different ways to publish Kaltura videos in MyCourses. To learn more, read MyCourses and Kaltura Offer 3 Methods for Publishing Videos.

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