MyCourses and Kaltura Offer 3 Methods for Publishing Videos

The MyCourse-Kaltura integration offers three options for publishing videos in a course.

Method 1: Insert Stuff via HTML Editor

The Insert Stuff publishing option is available from the HTML Editor. The HTML Editor is used to create Announcements and files in the Content Tool, compose Mail messages, and compose Intelligent Agent initiated communications. When the Insert Stuff option is used, the Kaltura video is embedded within the announcement, content file, or message. With this method, the context for the video can be supplied as part of the text within the message or content file. Videos that are published to a course using the Insert Stuff message are visible to students within the specific message, announcement, or content file. Student interactions with published videos are tracked.

Method 2: Kaltura Course Gallery

The Kaltura Course Gallery is located under the Materials & Media menu on the course navigation bar. An instructor may publish videos in the gallery so that they are visible to students. The Kaltura Course Gallery can function as a repository for all videos in the course. Videos published in the Kaltura Course Gallery can also have additional features enabled so that students can download the video or leave comments. A drawback to only publishing videos into the Kaltura Course Gallery is that there is no context provided for the video. It can also be difficult to appropriately direct students to view videos that are published only in the Kaltura Course Gallery. Student interactions with published videos are tracked.

Best Practice: Use Insert Stuff and Kaltura Course Gallery

To provide students with multiple options for accessing videos, consider publishing the video via Insert Stuff and in the Kaltura Course Gallery.
Publishing in multiple locations ensures that students can see the video in context with the messages or content files they are associated with and quickly locate a repository of all videos available in the course.

Method 3: Kaltura MyMedia Quicklink via Content Tool

The Kaltura MyMedia Quicklink publishing option is available via the Content Tool. The Kaltura MyMedia Quicklink publishing option adds a link to a video as a content item within a content module. Publishing with this method works best when your course is designed so that each content module offers a content file that provides context for the video that appears as the next content item in the content module table of contents. This method of publishing is best suited for videos that use the Kaltura Video Quiz feature so that the results of the Kaltura Video Quiz are recorded in the MyCourses grade book. Student interactions with published videos are tracked.

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