ProctorU is an online proctoring solution for high-stakes tests and exams.

ProctorU offers multiple service levels with varying degrees of interaction between student test-takers and human proctors.

Available Services

ProctorU Review + 

 A professional proctor connects with the student to double-check the automated identity verification, review exam rules and most importantly secure the exam environment. Any unpermitted resources will be removed prior to the exam start. Once students are in their exam, they are no longer with a proctor and are only monitored and flagged by the automated system. 

After the exam, ProctorU will review sessions for you. An audited session report is sent to you within 24 hours. This option not only saves you time in reviewing hours of footage but also ensures each student is reviewed by a professional proctor trained to notice suspicious behavior. 

ProctorU Live+  

A live proctor greets the students, re-verifies their identity, reviews exam rules with them, secures their testing environment and enters them into their exam. Once in the exam, the proctor continues to monitor students throughout the duration of their exam. Artificial intelligence runs in the background to act as a second set of eyes and alerts the proctor of any suspicious behavior. The entire session is recorded and if anything suspicious occurs, the proctor can intervene and stop a breach of integrity in real time.
After the exam, ProctorU will send you a session report within 24 hours.


Generally, ProctorU charges on a per-student, per-test basis. Many schools pass the cost of proctoring on to the students being proctored. GGC offers an institutional-pay option and asks that faculty help manage costs by choosing services that are appropriate for the type of exam.

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New Web Browser Coming Soon

ProctorU will transition to the Guardian Browser rather than a browser plug-in for Summer 2023.