MS Teams Calling

Georgia Gwinnett College offers calling (softphone) functionality (voice and messaging) through Microsoft Teams.

The Microsoft Teams application includes augmented functionality that will allow you to make or receive calls as well as send/receive SMS messages from both GGC community members and external parties.

The Microsoft Teams app can be installed on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.  When those devices are connected to a wired, wireless, or cellular network you will be able to use calling and messaging features.  You may install Microsoft Teams on multiple devices. You can choose how and when to interact with calls and messages received through Microsoft Teams.

GGC community members and external parties will not be aware that you are using Microsoft Teams as your communication tool when they call or send you a SMS message.  From their perspective they are simply calling or “texting” you.

Download and Install Microsoft Teams

To use your calling/softphone features you must download and install the Microsoft Teams app on one or more devices. Your GGC provided laptop or desktop most likely has Microsoft Teams already installed.

Logins and Authentication

To access Microsoft Teams features you must login with your GGC username and password. Accessing Microsoft Teams also requires that you use multifactor authentication (MFA). For this reason, Information Technology recommends that you do not use your softphone number as a MFA option. The Microsoft Authenticator app is the recommended option.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I use my softphone number for MFA?

Information Technology does not recommend using a softphone number as your default MFA method. The recommended method is the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Should I keep Microsoft Teams open/running all the time?

You are encouraged to set a reasonable schedule of availability keeping in mind that the device you are using for Microsoft Teams must have a wired, wireless, or cellular connection in order to accept calls or messages. You may wish to shutdown or quit the Microsoft Teams applications while you are teaching, in a face-to-face meeting, or other situations where you would normally “silence” your cell phone.

What should my syllabus say about using Microsoft Teams?

The GGC Syllabus Template includes suggested language regarding softphones.

What if my students don’t use Microsoft Teams?

Students will not have to use Microsoft Teams to place calls or send you messages. They may use their personal phone to call or message you.