Academic Technology Updates for October 2022

New updates are coming to MyCourses and the Pulse App on Friday, October 28th, 2022! See below for details, and please contact if you encounter any problems or have questions.


Grades – Removal of unused and duplicated grade schemes in Grades

Building on the ‘Copy grade items only copies unique or in-use grade schemes‘ feature released in the July 2022 update, this update performs a one-time deletion of all unused or duplicate grade schemes, leaving only unique grade schemes. This ensures increased performance during grade scheme copies and reduces errors when attempting to access grade schemes in existing org units where a large number of grade schemes exist.

Instructors may see their lists of grade schemes reduced as part of the release.

Pulse App

Access links and images in module descriptions when you’re on-the-go

To help improve the overall experience in the Pulse App, users will be able to view module descriptions in a web view that displays images and preserves links. This presents a new user experience that is more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Previously, users could only view module description text without any rich text elements or HTML. This meant that any links or images placed in a module description in MyCourses were not preserved or available in the module description while using the Pulse App.

Figure: The new View description option in the Pulse App with images and functional links.
Figure: The new View description option in the Pulse App with images and functional links.
Personalize push notifications

To help improve the flexibility of push notifications in the Pulse App, users will be able to choose which push notifications they receive. Previously, it was not possible to limit or control push notifications.

Figure: Configure push notifications in the Pulse app settings.
Figure: Push Notifications settings in the Pulse App.

Training Opportunities


New Zoom workshops have been posted for November! Please visit the IT Services Event Calendar to view our upcoming training sessions.