Academic Technology Updates for April 2022

Several updates to MyCourses became available Friday, April 29th. See below for details, and please contact if you encounter any problems or have questions.


Advanced Code Editor – Visual Updates

Visual updates have been made to the advanced code editor to increase the readability of tags and text. This update also improves compatibility with screen reader technology.

Source code window in MyCourses

Group Creation Updates

When creating and saving new group categories, you will now receive a message that “Group creation is in progress.” Once the groups have been created, you will receive an alert in your minibar. This update also adds pages to the Groups tool and will allow you to create up to 200 groups.

>Update alert for Groups creation

Intelligent Agents – More Flexible Scheduling

The Intelligent Agent creation interface has been modernized, and new agent frequency options have been added.

  • One-Time Run: This new option allows instructors to choose a single date and time for the Intelligent Agent to run.
  • Hourly: Instructors can select a date range and time for the intelligent agent to run hourly.

The existing Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Annually options now have a Scheduled Time setting that allows you to determine what time the agent will run on the scheduled dates.

>Scheduling option window for Intelligent Agents tool