Zoom integration with Kaltura

GGC Information Technology is setting up an integration between Zoom and Kaltura. Zoom cloud recordings  automatically stored in our secure video management site, Kaltura (MyMedia). This means:

  • Your Zoom cloud recordings will be copied to your (the meeting organizer’s) MyMedia.
  • You no longer need to download your Zoom recordings in order to add them to Kaltura.
  • Zoom captions will also transfer to Kaltura and can be edited using the Kaltura caption editor.
  • If you wish these new Kaltura videos to be added to courses, use the normal Kaltura process to publish or embed them.

All new Zoom recordings will be automatically copied to Kaltura; you won’t need to take any action. Zoom recordings made prior to the integration will not be migrated to Kaltura at this time.

Your original Zoom recordings remain in Zoom. We won’t delete Zoom recordings as part of this integration, but may need to do this in the future.

If you don’t need your Zoom recordings retained, you can delete them from your My Media library.