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Not a graphic designer? No problem! Adobe Express has thousands of templates and design assets to make designing easy and fast. With Adobe Express, you can create graphics for social media, build webpages, collaborate on video and slideshow assignments, and even build resumes!  Adobe Express is a part of the Adobe Creative Cloud and is available for free. Faculty, staff, and students get full access to premium templates, Adobe fonts and more when logging in with their GGC accounts.  

Adobe Express is available to all current Georgia Gwinnett College faculty, staff and students at no cost.  It is available via a web browser or mobile app

Adobe Express or Canva?

Adobe Express offers professional templates for multiple projects. Sharing projects with others for collaboration, and easy brand management are made simple. Additionally, it allows you to schedule updates, edit video and is integrated with the Adobe ecosystem to include features from both Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. 

Adobe ExpressCanva
Free and premium version. Premium version available through student account. Free and premium version. Students pay for their own accounts. 
Easy-to-use templates across multiple categories. Easy-to-use templates across multiple categories. 
Adobe Ecosystem Integration. No Adobe Integration. 
Mobile and Web access. Mobile, Web and Desktop App access. 
Curated set of premium Adobe Stock Photos, Video and Audio. Non-curated stock photos available only through premium account.
Wide selection of basic fonts. Integration with Adobe Type Kit allows for more available custom fonts.Wide selection of basic fonts. More fonts are available only through premium access. 

Information Technology (IT) recommends using Adobe Express instead of Canva as premium accounts are included with the student Adobe Creative Cloud license. Using Adobe Express, students gain access to premium stock assets and fonts, allowing for the sharing and creation visually appealing content for class assignments and personal projects.  

Adobe Express for Faculty 

Through the Adobe Education Exchange, Adobe offers tools and courses for faculty on incorporating their products into the classroom. You can view all courses by clicking on the Adobe Education Exchange link below, located in the resources section. Here are a few courses for Adobe Express. 

Faculty will need to be logged into their Adobe Account for the following links to work: 

Adobe Express for Staff

Utilizing brand kits and custom templates, Adobe Express can help staff create graphics for presentations, digital signage, flyers, videos and more in just a few simple steps. Staff can find a tutorial on how to create and edit custom templates on the Adobe Express help site. Here are a few good examples to get started: 

Adobe Express for Students

Students can find tutorials on using Adobe Express on the Adobe help website. The site offers project examples and answers to frequent questions like how to add text to video or use any of the free templates. 

To learn more, students should visit the Adobe Express Collection on LinkedIn (SSO required), which features videos curated by IT. 

For help with Adobe Express, view these Help Desk articles: 

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