ClawPrint – Printing, Scanning, and Copying

Multifunction printing, copying, and scanning Ricoh devices are available to GGC employees and students at specific locations across the campus.
These multifunction devices are jointly managed and supported by Information Technology and Auxiliary Services.

Printing Information


Student Printing Costs

Students must have Cave Cash loaded on their Claw Card in order to print.

ClawPrint Printing Costs:

$0.10 per page for black and white printing and $0.25 per page for color printing.

Faculty & Staff

GGC Ricoh Secure Printing is a GGC provided service used by employees to print, copy and scan documents.

When printing sensitive or private data select printers that are located in secure locations.

GGC Ricoh Printer Locations

Faculty and staff have access to ClawPrint Ricoh Printers in many locations across campus:

  • A-1281
  • A-1510
  • B-1000
  • C-2200
  • D-1477
  • D-1162
  • E-2125
  • F-1113
  • G-2116
  • H-1237
  • H-1130
  • I-1133
  • I-2118
  • W-1109

Some offices have dedicated ClawPrint Ricoh Printers as well. Generally, faculty/staff may release jobs at any ClawPrint Ricoh Printer.