A listserv is an email list management system. LISTSERV is the name of the product offered by the company L-soft.  Anyone can be a subscriber to a list, including people not associated with Georgia Gwinnett College. GGC Faculty, staff and recognized student organizations may request a list on the LISTSERV system.    Listservs can be created based on specific common characteristics, e.g. employees, faculty, students, students in a particular major, students who are mentees of a particular mentor, students who are registered in a particular course, faculty who teach in a particular building etc. LISTSERV offers email lists that are announcement-only and discussion groups that may be moderated or unmoderated.  LISTSERV allows list owners to manage their lists, including adding or removing subscribers.

LISTSERV offers the following:

  • Moderated lists
  • Ability for users to self-subscribe or unsubscribe to lists
  • Ability to include non-GGC subscribers
  • Online archives of messages posted to lists, if selected
  • Ability for list owners to manage their lists
  • Ability to share your list publicly, if selected