GradeScope, an AI-assisted grading tool integrated with MyCourses, can help assess paper-based assessments and digital assessments such as problem sets, worksheets, quizzes, and exams. GradeScope uses AI-assisted features to help identify similar student responses so you can quickly grade and establish scoring rubrics, allowing instructors to provide consistent grades and feedback. Many types of questions/assignments are supported, including programming, proofs, diagrams, formulas, and more.

Adding Gradescope to your MyCourses Content

These steps will help you set up your Gradescope course link.

  1. Create then enter a  Gradescope Content Module
  2. Click the button to open the Existing Activities, menu
  3. In Existing Activities, select External Learning Tools
  4. In External Learning Tools, scroll down and select Gradescope. This will add the Gradescope tool link.

Gradescope will ask if you want to link to an existing Gradescope course or create a new course. Gradescope will then guide you through the process. See Using Gradescope as a Brightspace Instructor for more detail.