Domain of One’s Own

  • is a platform for students to create and manage a digital presence.
  • allows students to build a portfolio to showcase sites and development work using WordPress and many other applications
  • provides students’ options for taking their site with them after they leave GGC.

Why should students use can be used by students for a course or a personal project. Examples of what students can do include:

Build a website or blog using WordPress

WordPress is the most commonly used application on  
It allows students to easily write and share media. It can help showcase coursework, share research, and create a portfolio.

Start a digital collection using Omeka

Omeka can be used to create a collection (or exhibit) of digital artifacts.

Run an open source project or host course related web development projects

Advanced options such as running your own code in a LAMP environment , creating MySQL databases, and more are available through cPanel.