Digital Signature Options

Information Technology offers several options for obtaining digital signatures some of which also include workflow routing.

Adobe Acrobat Digital Signatures

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC offers the option to add a digital signature to a PDF document. These signatures are not legally binding. The Adobe Acrobat Digital Signature option is best used for PDF documents such as performance evaluations.

The Digital Signature option is part of Adobe Acrobat DC.

Adobe Acrobat Digital Signature Overview

LinkedIn Learning Resources

Review these LinkedIn Learning resources to learn more about digitally signing documents using Adobe Acrobat Pro DC.

Adobe Sign

Adobe Sign is available to users in college business units that have a documented business need to request legally binding digital signatures on digital documents such as contracts. In addition to digital signatures, Adobe Sign allows for Workflow routing. Workflow routing allows document creators to:

  • Assign roles including signer, approver, acceptor, form filler, certified recipient, and delegator
  • Route to recipients in a specific order
  • Invite multiple participants with a single request
  • Enable anyone from a group to sign or respond
  • Set up reminders and notifications

Access to Adobe Sign is granted on a per user basis.

Adobe Sign Getting Started Guide

Dynamic Forms Service

Dynamic Forms is available to users in college business units that have a need to combine form/data collection with the option to collect signatures (that are not legally binding). Through collaboration with Information Technology, business units can have a form created that includes fillable form fields with logic, options for digital signatures, and workflow routing.
Forms that are created and hosted by the Dynamic Forms service require users to login using their GGC Account. When interacting with a form that uses the Dynamic Forms service, faculty, staff, and students can enter responses into form fields, save their form, return to it a later date, and, of course, submit it for review with a digital signature.

Example Dynamic Form

The GGC Registrar uses a Dynamic Form: Curriculum Change Form